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On Recipes

Recipes are shrouded in mystique. People fear the slightest deviation will ruin everything. But Granny knew better.

You can modify all sorts of things to your personal taste.

So I can teach you the science, when to add a little of this, cut a little of that, how humidity and kitchen temperature can affect things. Find out how to do the full magilla to wow company, and how to take the same recipe to get your kids fed.

In other words, make your meals taste the way YOU want them to taste.


My Mission

MY MISSION is not merely to give you recipes to follow, but to help you create the tools to go beyond recipes, to learn the secrets to being both an artist and a scientist in your own kitchen. There will often be different versions of the same recipe, so that you can choose between making the quick and tasty version or the more complex version that will involve moderate to advanced culinary techniques. I intend to walk you through them step-by-step.

As this blog is called MY LIFE IN SPICE, you might have guessed that spices will be discussed in I hope not painful detail. We’ll explore different ways to season food and how individual spices can impact the overall flavor and character of your dish. My mission is to demystify the world of professional cooking to the home chef. Please take part in the blog, don’t be shy, I’m looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

SO WELCOME to My Life In Spice, where we’ll always mangia bene and keep it spicy!


spice is the variety of life